This set up is intended for one (1) TV unit only which could run for 8-12 hours during night time and 12 hours in daytime plus other loads like lightings, fans and laptop.

This is the recommended specifications:

Quantity        Items    
10 pcs.         100-Watts Monocrystalline PV Panels    
6 pcs.          100AH Deep Cycle Batteries    
1 pc.           1kW Pure sine wave Inverter, 24/48V/220V 60Hz. (Transformer Type)    
1 pcs.          MPPT Solar Charge Controller with LCD, 30A, 12/24/48V auto recognize    
1 Set           Circuit Breakers and Panel Board    
Various        Cables, Terminals, MC4, Combiner Box    
Set             PV Frames, Battery rack and riser    
Set             Setup and Commissioning
        TOTAL    PHP 95, 000

Return of Investment (ROI)
    For the various setup, the ROI could be achieved in 2 to 3 years.

Mode of Payment
    Mobilization of 50 percent upon agreement and signing of contract and the remainder of cash payment upon completion of the project.

    All components bear one (1) year warranty on parts and service. Battery life is expected to last for 5 years, while the solar panels is for 25 years.

After Sales Service
    Since we are a local supplier, we could provide immediate technical assistance once there is a problem in the solar setup.